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Moghul Catering

38+ years of service excellence. 

Local knowledge, Global expertise


Our Services

With over 38 years of experience in the catering industry Moghul Catering has strived to continuously work towards delivering our clients a world class service.

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Our Services

Hospital Patient Catering

Hospital patients completely rely on their meals to support  and aid their recovery.

Student Catering Solutions

A well balanced and nutritional meal is the corner block to an educated mind.

Industrial Catering Solutions

A well nourished work force will remain healthy and productive.

Corporate Catering Solutions

Management of corporate canteens and catering for corporate functions and board meetings, etc.... 


A well catered event is key to supporting the ambiance and success. 

Camp Management Solutions

Provides management cleaning, catering and maintenance services to remote mining and constructions camps.


" I am impressed at the speed and level of professionalism with which Moghul agreed and prepared to commence business with Nyangabwe following short time notification to commence service"

Nyangabgwe Hospital

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Contact our offices and sales team to set up a customised service delivery specific to your needs and requirements.

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