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Healthcare Catering Solution


Patient Food Services

We provide support to the healthcare facility by managing all aspects of a patient's meal requirements. We manage the kitchen facility, porters (serving patients their meals) and retail areas of the hospital, allowing the hospital staff to focus on what they know best and that is patient recovery. 


Current Clients

OLDM Mine Hospital

Past Clients


Our Healthcare Catering Solutions, support both government and private healthcare facilities throughout Botswana. Providing patients with peace of mind that their meals have been freshly prepared in a hygienic environment. In addition that their meals are nutritiously balanced by our in-house dietician ensuring that their meals aid their health recovery.


Service Solutions

Our Healthcare Solutions are easily adaptable and can be tailored to any hospital's requirements and needs. We ensure the highest level and standard of service delivery, the freshest ingredients and the warmest smile to the patient.

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