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Corporate Catering Solution


The Value of Good Food

For the past 38 years we have provided our clients with the best in food quality, presentation and taste. 

We understand the value of good food and clients requirements for high standards.

Personalised Touch


Each client is considered as unique. Thus, we ensure that each client has that unique personal catering solution.

Everything from the dining experience to the décor, even meal selection, is consulted with the client ensuring that each corporate client needs are considered and has that personalised touch. 


Customers Served

Orapa, Letlhakane and Damshaa Mines Hospital

Art of Service

When corporates plan their departmental meetings, board or corporate events, we have a wealth of expertise to assist our clients with everything from teas and snacks to a silver tray service delivery.

All delivered to our clients efficiently and cost effectively. 

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